Don't worry—
I'm not going to bring the property value down
by moving into your neighborhood

don't let my appearance fool you;
this red-lipsticked, tattooed girl
with the permanent scowl
is simply trying to settle in
and adjust to a new life

I mean you no harm

I like to keep to myself.
I don't usually have much to say,
but you might cringe at the things
that slither through my mind
from time to time

but I'm the quiet kind
I won't bother you

I won't string your cat from a tree
or sneak into your house
and slit your throat while you sleep,
even though I might give that particular impression,
you've really nothing to fear from me—

thinking and doing
are hardly the same thing,
unless I'm completely bored out of my skull
unless I snap and things spiral out of control...
but that was a long time ago

so don't fear
I'm merely here to blend in with the begonias
the cracks in the pavement
the forgotten newspaper yellowing
on the neighbor's front porch—
I'm simply here trying to escape
some demons from my past;
leave them behind so they won't continue
to disturb me
or fuck with my mind

so relax;
you've got nothing to double-bolt your locks for

I'm just the fresh face in the area
new blood in the vein
the quiet, all-American
girl next door