pi-thagleans theory

the chattering of cons
is such a steady sandblast
of crackhead slang
and tape-worm vitriol
you've got to turn your brain off
and duct-tape it
under your nut-sack
just to keep from
putting a bullet in it.

get so numb
takes you
a few tries
jump starting the tongue
when this new Fed
with the countenance of a quaker
and aryan nation tattoos
all up his arms and face
says: hey CO
you ever heard of
pi-thagleans theory?

you mean the
pythagorean theorem?

yea fuck
that's it
pythagorean theorem
i heard it somewhere
but couldn't strap it
to my mind.
what's it mean
you know?

i tell him
it's got
something to do with
figuring lengths
of a triangle.

he asks
if i'll
write it down
for him.

thanks boss
i don't mean to
be a bother
but words just kind of
stick in my mind
you know?


i know.