Marching games

We let out
And I had lunch with a witch
Who told me my eyes were not my own
Who then levitated our egg rolls and said
This was the gift given her for years of beatings
On the reservation

War’s got so common it sounds like a habit
Less filthy than smoking
But a Ritalin nation raised on GI Joe
is so reluctant to be a hero
And college kids like marching games
But they’ll never take marching orders come graduation

It’s an other thing like tomorrow’s rain in the middle
Of a drought

The situational harmony does not reflect the bombing
Of the casual way we’re all dying
And your smile and John Lennon tees don’t mean
That we’re at peace

Don’t give me your fraternity or supposed ideals to
There’s too much discontent in that rationality
No bombs no food no hope and all the laughter
Gets so strained in every day’s falsehood of security