specializing in art history

when the helicopter flew over,
rick's dick got hard, and
he anally raped his best friend jake.
they were in the middle
of a field of tall grass.
"ow ow ow" said jake.
"shut up and take it
you skinny sexy bastard"
said rick, as he shoved
his cock deep into
jake's tight pink asshole.
"ow" said jake.  "ow!
goddamit! ow stop goddamn
you stop!"
but rick didn't stop
until he'd shot his
load deep into jake's
tight twitching asshole.
jake was down on his
belly, jake's left ear
was pushed into the ground.
jake's pants and underpants
were down around his
ankles.  rick stood
up and looked down
at jake, lying
there on his belly.
rick pulled up his
own pants and pushed
his own big cock
back into
them and zipped
them up.  "stand up"
rick said to jake.
"stand up and pull
up your pants."
jake stood up
and pulled up his
pants. he zipped
them, belted them.
then he turned around
and looked at rick.
it was a look full
of hate, and fear, and
nebulous misunderstanding.
"why'd you do that
to me?" said jake.
"just had the sudden
urge," said rick,
a sneer on his
handsome face.
"just had the urge,"
rick said again,
"well goddamn
you to hell,"
said jake.
the helicopter
flew over again,
this time lower,
and it was hovering
above rick and jake now.
anyone in the
helicopter could see
what was going on
down below. first
jake started crying.
then rick started
crying, too. they
were hugging each
other tight as the
helicopter hovered
and hovered and
hovered. the grass
was whipping all
around, and no one
knew what to do.