Wide Awake But Dreaming

So there was me and Lee Ranaldo
on the beach
and Lee said ‘wanna take a trip?’
so we climbed in a rubber dinghy
that looked like a polished banana
moored just off the Jersey shore
and paddled with our very long feet
till half a mile out on the sapphire sea
we discovered a new continent
twice the size of the USA
all hot steaming jungles
and waterfalls like hot showers

so we turned on a TV
we found washed up on the glassy sand
and a cold scientist says
the world just doubled in size
there are new continents new seas
weird kinds of animals
and some of them are human
many-headed people
whose language sounds like pebbles
clip-clopping together

we looked up
and saw the sun was three times its former size
and when we looked again
there were two moons as pale as pills
dissolving in a glass of water
circling each other
like two boxers in the first round
too scared to throw the first punch

and Lee said ‘you wait here, I need to find
my band,’ and walked into the jungle
and was never seen again
but late at night I heard howling
no man could howl
chords no guitar never knew
drums like fireworks
bass like an earthquake

and my ears woke up to a whole new sound

I’ve been dreaming
ever since that day.