The Part Of Black Bolt Will Be Played By Peter Steele
i.m Peter Steele, 1962 - 2010

a huge skinny bear of a man
six foot eight inches tall
hair like black-tarred rope
hanging over the side
of a slowly sinking boat
with a voice so low
windows reverberate every time he says
‘bass’ or ‘low’

he didn’t need to sing
or play, it was enough
to walk down the street
saying the occasional word
like ‘war’ or ‘death’
then watch black sound waves
tremble over the city
like the debris of a tornado
picking up empty bottles
but leaving half-drunk ones alone;

if your floor begins to vibrate
like the guy underneath you
has speakers nailed to the ceiling

it’s only Peter Steele
sitting in the park
muttering ‘peace’ under his breath.