Gary Banfield

Was a punk rocker
He joined the marines
Fought in desert storm
One night not long after he got back
I saw him at Respectables Street Cafe
He was sitting at the bar with his head down
So I asked him what was troubling him
I have nothing here Mike, I can't find a job or anything
Plus they did something to us in that war
My nerves are shot
I have dreams of killing people
I have dreams of killing myself
I want to kill everybody
It's not right Mike
They will not even acknowledge there is anything wrong with me
Everyone knows they used nerve gas on us
Not everyone knew, but I knew
I didn't really know what to say
I just looked at him,
You really don't want to kill anyone
He said he wanted to kill everyone
That every day he stuck his gun in his own mouth
All I could say was
That really sucks man
He nodded & agreed