Stop and Dance

I want to vandalize something
Smoke a cigarette
Punch a cop

I’m bored
I want to scream
Understanding that life is fluid
And evolving
I can march down the street
Expecting anything
And turning into anyone
I can stop and dance
      For three hours or laugh at the sky

Cause I don’t care about democracy or socialism
Or communism or any other system
I make my votes count
Using a magic eight ball
And though it takes longer with all of those “try again laters”
My eight ball and I spend more time picking candidates
Then most people spend thinking about their whole lives

I’d rather get drunk and argue about economics
Then listen to preachers and proselytizers
They don’t know the secret hand shake
And I won’t tell them

I’d rather get stoned and look at a movie
Some girl walks past
Some guy checks her out
Glowers at me
I don’t care