In Her Dream They’re Knights in Shining Armor

Her poems are about men breaking her heart
Men using her, roughly fucking and sucking her
One diminutional prototypes, who treat her like an object

“I know what they want” she says
“They just want to fuck and suck all my orifices”

Men stealing her autographed Gregory Corso books
And the one who calls up drunk, making dates & then canceling them
Always men with cold-steel eyes, she cannot trust
Every single one cheats and lies, dysfunctional with no hearts

Men who push her around, keep her down
Not a one of them with any redeeming qualities
No tenderness no commitment they just use her
and get the fuck out

But in her dreams all the men have anacondas tattooed on their
And in her dreams they fuck and eat her upside-down with those
slimy snake tongues
And in her dreams they’re gentle and smiling, leaving her roses
on her pillow in the morning
before they quietly close
the door