rope and tiger

"the lion's gate opened, and a kitten
emerged. then the kitten changed into
a sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
who jerked off and spurted cum
and then his genitals changed
into a furry little kitten, mewing
"dude!! gross!! i fuckin' HATE that
"me, too," said the young man
who had dreamed it.
both parts of this conversation
were sexy sophomore college boys.
it was late at night.
they were roommates.
they had been smoking grass,
and talking for close to 3 hours
now. it was 2 a.m.
the sky outside their
5th-floor dormitory window a spatter
of stars, and a half-hearted
wispy half-moon.
"dude, you really shouldn't
go dreaming dreams like that.
they might seriously fuck up
your brain!" said
the sexy college sophomore
boy who had just listened
to his roommate tell him
that fucked-up dream.
"i didn't want to dream
it," said
the dreamer. "it just
sorta happened."
"dude!" said the listener.
"and the weirdest part,"
said the dreamer. "was when
i woke up, i had a hardon
and i'd already spurted
cum all over my belly."
"dude!!" said the listener.
then both these good-looking
college sophomore boys
smoked a little bit more.
then, kind of like they
knew it was gonna happen,
but didn't really hope for it,
but sorta did,
they took off all their
clothes and climbed into
the bottom bunk and
sucked on each other's dicks
until they spurted their
hot smelly cum into
each other's hot eager mouths.
then the two good-looking
college sophomore boys
lay there
naked, their arms wrapped
around each other,
their chests pressed together,
their lips close,
inhaling each other's breath.
"weird night, a night when
no one wants to be lonely,"
said the dreamer. then, "no one
wants to have weird dreams,
and then think about 'em,
all alone," he added.
then, more: "i
love ya, man," he added.
"dude!" said the listener.
"i love ya, too, dude," he
as a little "post-orgasm" droplet of
dripped from the tip of
each of their big sturdy dicks
and landed silently
amongst the wrinkles of
the white sweaty sheet.