be kind to strangers

evidently my filing system isn't sophisticated enough
to answer these kinds of questions,
but where did adam's very first ejaculation
get spurted?
back before there was eve,
did adam lie there on his back, all hot and sexy
and sexed-up, and did he
tug gently on his big beautiful barely-used-at-all
dick until he spurted cum, and it went
all over his taut sexy chest and belly?
or did adam's very first ejaculation
happen while he was asleep,
while he was having this nebulous
murky kind of dream,
and when he woke up, his big smooth
dick was hard as a rock, and he
was spurting a little geyser of cum
all over himself?
back before there was eve,
i wonder: where DID adam spurt
his cum?
sweet sexy horned-up adam,
all sexed-up and his big dick
turgid and shapely and
just meant for gripping,
just the right shape and
texture, and form,
adam standing there in
the forest
tugging on it gently
and that rush of orgasmo-heat-
pleasure that jolted through
him while his dick
was spurting cum,
was that where the very
first adam ejaculation went?
onto the surface of
the mossy ground in the middle
of the hot sunny woods?
the sun beams on adam's sexy
naked shoulders,
cream-colored droplets on the
tops of his feet.
i've checked my filing
system several times,
but it's just not
sophisticated enough
to provide that kind
of information. where
oh where
DID adam spurt his
first blobs of cum? where
did they go? what did
they smell like, all gooey
and musky and male.
adam's nose quivering,
that look of sweet
puzzlement in
his sad sexy eyes.