You have that happiness thing down pat.
Joy and elation and taking
Pleasure in life’s small recesses,
Seeing the bright side. It is a learned
Gift. While everyone else is trudging
Through sadness and melancholy,
You have the talent to elevate
Whatever chemical in your brain it might be
That percolates joy, and to go elated
Against a world in comparison with you
Hormonally challenged. You have
Tried to teach us. We have
Tried to learn. Alone you kick
Your heels, smile that merchant-marine smile
Of baseless rapture. We walk
Around you. We pretend this
Is soon to be an ending. No one
Who needs to breathe and feed
Should treat both failure and success
With the same dignity. You
Shrug your shoulders as if
Shrugging were the solution, not
The reaction. And smile. You
Are a light to our darkness.
We must stop you.
I must stop you.