Whereas the rumor is that the cheapest
Chinese pickup places use as meat
Stray dogs and cats and an
Occasional purloined backyard pet;
Whereas it is a myth that what
Goes around comes around;
Whereas the dead start out as
Merely dead but eventually become
Forgotten; whereas there is no truth
To trickle down economics, only
Higher stock prices and the seeds
Of devaluation; whereas no man
Is a desert, neither an ocean, nor
Any unique geometry by any imagination; whereas
Those who walk with God usually
Walk silently; whereas I am
Greater than the sum of my parts
While less expensive; whereas
Too much joy exists amongst the oppressors,
Too much sympathy lies with the downtrodden;
Whereas reaching the end of time
Is a parlor question in physics
Debated at the end of a bourbon and ginger:
I am offering you no alibi.