There are some good things you missed.
The murder of Monday by last Tuesday.
The assembly of cats.
The wide spread acceptance of lithium.
Not much, really.
All the time we were asking
What overcoat could save you in this heat?
The rain was a marvel and went
On for days until the dry
Became a flood and no one
Could remember the last day without precipitation.
Your friends are like that:
The whole hard drinking,
Interbreeding lot of them.
And when you came back you thought
The assembly of cats:
Tails to install and whiskers
To glue on and nine lives
To arrange sequentially like
Ammunition for a winter’s campaign –
But not a soul amongst them,
Not one in the hard drinking,
Interbreeding lot, not at least
On Mondays, not on the first charge
Of intimately irascible lithium ions.
You simply pulled at the collar of your overcoat
And imagined sleep, what good
Could come of it, and how much
The rain with that fabric would soak in.
And the mathematically eloquent answer was:
Waking is the last thing you planned for.