how helpless we can be at times

i fracture the insides
of your telephone body
pull strings of wire
cross them into knots
religious bearing
on another wrong number

come to me
come into me
he said calmly
calling me back again
from the toilet
from the bile
rank from too much red wine

he didn’t need me really
was good enough
at breaking himself in two
but humored
by my earnest effort
to drive back through time
back through words
he lent me
and i took greedily

don’t like to lie
on their backs
they fall asleep

but you never do
you never fall asleep
instead you chase
the beast
through the taut lines
into strange rooms
where old black and white
movies project
their other worlds

there is too much play here
too much give
and take to believe
any of it is real
yet we pretend it is
thrust our desire
through the mouthpiece
of broken plastic