amortized to infinity

newspaper article
says the national debt
is amortized to infinity.



i understand skipping a very large stone
past the horizon.

"everything gets more expensive
it's just the way it is
take orange juice for instance
orange juice goes up four percent every year,"
is what the financial planner told me last week.
i give her three hundred dollars a month
which she hustles through unknown algorithms
so i can beat the margin on orange juice
should i make it to old age.

i think about an essay
by henry miller
on the nature of money

getting rid of the gold standard

my grandfather
trading flour
for corn and chickens
at his small town grocery store

while i get paid electronically
for producing no goods
or providing any viable services.

ponzi scheme
comes to mind.

acid rain

and pestilence


i think about these things.

at least
i try to think about these things.

mainly i see our internal organs

up there on shelves.

miles and miles and miles

of shelves.